A call to action for repentance and reformation in the Church

We are delighted the Lord has brought you to this website to learn more about how He might use you to reform His church in Greater Pittsburgh through special grassroots Bible studies with other people in the area who desire to see Christ's people submit to the authority of His Word in all areas of personal, church, and societal life. We are a local reformation society chapter of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. To learn more about us and how you can get involved, please peruse this website.

Reforming Your Bible Study

There is evidence in early church history and in Medieval and Reformation history of the existence of a particular kind of Bible study. It is prescribed by God in I Corinthians 14. Wherever or whenever Christ was building and reforming His Church, this kind of Bible study could be found.


Sola Scriptura

The Protestant Reformation’s enduring legacy centers upon the doctrines of the “solas.” The Reformers believed and taught these five truths and they remain indispensible to the health of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the growth of the church. Why? It is because these five tenants did not originate with the Reformers of the Reformation.


A Call to Action

Today's church is increasingly dominated by the spirit of this age rather than by the Spirit of Christ. We call ourselves to repent of this sin and to recover the historic Christian faith.


Starting a Local Reformation Society

Reformation Societies is a ministry of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Our purpose is to create societies of Christian pastors and leaders who will meet and labor together for the sake of the Gospel of Grace in the churches of local and regional areas. The mission of a society is to encourage, embolden, and equip pastors and other church leaders for the preaching, teaching, and fully relying upon the Gospel as the particular means given by the Triune God for the building of Christ’s Church.